Park and ride/Medilink bus service

The award-winning, free Medilink service runs every 10 minutes between 7:40am and 6:00pm.


The service links the two main hospital sites and the Wilkinson Street and Queen's Drive park and ride sites. There are additional stops at the junction of Nuthall Road and Crown Island.

Service times

Medilink buses run from Monday to Friday.

The Medilink bus runs every 10 minutes from 7:40am until 6:00pm.  Before 7:40am and after 6:00pm a Medilink service is available, at less frequent intervals.

For a full timetable of the Medilink service, see below.

QMC site

Medilink buses dropping off at QMC stop on the left side of the grassy knoll in front of main entrance.

Medilink buses picking up at QMC stop on the right side of the grassy knoll in front of main entrance.

Buses showing 'Park and Ride via QMC' go on to the Queen's Drive Park and Ride. Buses showing 'City Hospital via QMC' go on to City Hospital.

During the day, a shuttle bus operates to take patients and visitors around the QMC site perimeter.

QMC Shuttle

From 8am until 6pm the QMC shuttle will take passengers around the perimeter of the QMC site.  The QMC shuttle stops are:

  • Front entrance
  • East Block/Car park 1
  • South Block/EENT
  • Treatment Centre
  • West Block / Medical School
  • Front by the grassy knoll
  • Park and ride

City Hospital

Medilink buses enter by the South Entrance on Hucknall Road, circling round on South Road stopping near:

  • the Mobility Centre / South Entrance
  • Green Entrance / Hayward House
  • Yellow Entrance / Dundee House

then turning north on to Linden Way, stopping near:

  • the Francis Day Hospital / Purple Entrance

then turning left on to North Road, stopping near:

  • the Wolfson Cystic Fibrosis Centre
  • North/Main Entrance
  • Urology / Outpatients / Maternity / Physiotherapy

before returning to Hucknall Road via the North Entrance, and heading towards Wilkinson Street park and ride and the QMC using the ring road.


Park and ride sites

Wilkinson Street park and ride site

The nearest park and ride location to the City Hospital is located on Wilkinson Street off Nottingham's ring road. To locate the site using satnav use the postcode NG7 7NW.

Parking is free at Wilkinson Street park and ride.

Queen's Drive park and ride site

Queen's Drive park and ride is located off Queen's Drive near the A52, Clifton Bridge. To locate the site using satnav use the postcode NG2 1AP.

  • Free parking available from 6am to 7.30pm
  • 1,000 parking spaces
  • Car park staff patrol the site from 6am to 7.30pm
  • The site has received the Gold Award for secure car parking

For more information please contact  0115 986 33 55 or email

NHS Nottingham University Hospitals
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